According to Consumer Reports, there are five ways to reduce distractions while driving.
Silence the Phone/Use the Road Map/Do your Makeup and Shave at Home/Know Your Car and Where the Controls are Located/Don’t Eat in the Car

It is very tempting to respond to the text alerts, calls, and other notifications that come to the phone when you’re driving, so reduce the urge by putting the phone on silent or you can be hands free using SYNC®.

Ford’s SYNC® is an optional feature. How many times have you heard–don’t drive while distracted. Use the voice-operated systems when possible, don’t use your phone while driving– SYNC® allows you to be hands free and talk on your phone with ease. Ford’s integrated in-vehicle communications and entertainment system allows the driver to make hands-free calls, control the music and perform other voice functions with only voice commands.

The test-drive in the Ford Explorer showed me first hand that SYNC® is a great feature. In fact, a feature that made me purchase the car. While test-driving on the highway, I was able to ask the car to “call home” while keeping my hands on the wheel and focusing on the road. The near misses and bad crashes that happen every day from texting or touching the phone while driving would be much less–if everyone switched to hands free.

How many times have you tried to turn on the stereo or change the channel while driving and took your eyes off the road? I am sure the number is high. Make an effort to use voice activated SYNC® to do your tasks while driving. If you have to use your hands, make sure that you are aware of where the controls are located in your vehicle. Do not take your focus off the road to find the knob that activates the high beams. Be aware and learn the location of all controls in your car, prior to driving.

As for shaving and doing makeup in the car–just don’t do it! Just make it a rule, do not take your focus off the road. In one second you can lose focus and cause an accident, injuring yourself and/or other innocent people around you. The same goes for eating. Skip the drive-through and go into the restaurant or wait until you get home to eat your meal.