Ice-Cream has taken on a whole new dimension with exciting flavors and creative creations. New Holland, PA is the spot for The Kauffman’s Jailhouse Rock’s black raspberry ice cream topped with M&M’s and red licorice “bars,” whipped cream and a cherry. The ice cream is simply amazing here, you can mix, match and add toppings that you would never guess, go well with ice cream. The very hip and quaint small town feel makes it even more of a special experience. The ice-cream at Lickity Split draws both young and old from all over the state and surrounding areas.

Mitch and Gina Dissinger are passionate about their food, ice cream and the town of New Holland. This is a great stop to try the unique stone-cold ice cream and experience a true small town diner.  Many of our customers drive from surrounding areas to visit the New Holland Auto Group. We often send them to Lickity Split Restaurant to enjoy a great meal, vintage charm and spectacular stone-cold ice cream when they leave one of our lots with their new vehicle. New Holland is a destination for car buyers all over the surrounding areas near and far because of the excellent care and personal attention that is paid to our customers, not to mention the over abundant selection of new and pre-owned Ford, Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, Toyota, Ram and Isuzu.

Come visit us at New Holland Auto Group and stop at Lickity Split Restaurant to enjoy the small town feel of good cooking and ice-cream with real old fashion ingredients and a flare of creativity.