The Jeep is one of the most popular cars in America. Sales began increasing in the year 2007 and have almost doubled since then. In the year 2015 and 2016, over 200,000 cars were sold. The history of the jeep is rooted in the 1940’s US Army “general purpose” Willys MB, a World War II vehicle that was later called the Jeep. The style and character of the “iconic” Jeep catches the eyes of car lovers and continually contributes to the ongoing popularity. Jeep has done an excellent job of combining the old and the new in style and character. Keeping the traditional “box-like” look while incorporating more aluminum into the body to improve fuel economy by lowering the weight of the vehicle.

The on and off road driving capabilities of the Jeep have greatly improved over the years. The rugged transmission combined with the solid front and rear axles, better suspension, high tech interior and 4-wheel drive make the car versatile and simply fun to drive. The Jeep’s design is authentic and has a history that continues to gain attention of buyers in all age groups.

Why does America love the Jeep? According to one Jeep owner that we interviewed, “I love the heritage and nothing beats the convenience in the summer and winter. I can take the top off in the summer and enjoy the weather. I can get the Jeep dirty and hose it off in the winter months. All in all, I feel good when I drive my Jeep and I feel like it is a good investment. When I look at pre-owned Jeeps for sale, they hold their value well.”

You can also make the Jeep your own with all of the available accessory options and aftermarket parts that are available for all Jeep models. Whether you want to tow a vehicle or add wheels and a lift kit—the parts are available to make your Jeep specific to your needs and liking. The parts department at New Holland Auto Group is a perfect place to explore your options.

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