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Everyone wants a deal and the best price. A good deal is more than just a good price, even when you buy a pre-owned vehicle that is certified and under warranty. You need to know what you are looking for and what your price range is for the vehicle you want to buy. Many pre-owned vehicles are great deals but you should check them out first.

  1. Buying a car is a very expensive financial decision, so you should make sure that you know everything about the loan or lease if you are going to finance the car. What is the length and terms of the loan and what are the interest rates?
  2. Has the car that you have chosen ever been used as a demo? Sometimes these cars are great deals. Maybe one of the sales team has used the car or driven it and they can give you their opinion of the car.
  3. What is the repair or dealer repair center. Meet the team that will be taking care of your vehicle for routine maintenance.
  4. Does the car make you feel good and do you enjoy driving it? Take time and test-drive the vehicles that you like. Drive on the road and feel how the car handles, don’t just drive in the parking lot. Don’t just buy a model because you think it is a “deal.”
  5. Know the range of prices for the vehicle you are interested in before you go to the dealership. There may be some added features that increase the price. Look at those features, you may want them and the slight increase in price may just be worth it.
  6. Always ask about the warranty and what you responsible for outside of the warranty?
  7. Look at all of the makes and models in your price range because there is always a new car or an update to a car that may spark your interest. You would be surprised how many times that buyers come in with specific requests for a vehicle and leave with a completely different vehicle. For example, a buyer may come in wanting a truck and leave with a sedan.
  8. It is always good to ask the insurance rates of the car that you want to purchase. Some vehicles are less expensive to insure than others.
  9. Are there any special incentives to leasing vs buying the car?
  10. What are the new and used car options for the particular vehicle that you are interested in purchasing?