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How New Holland Auto Group & the Internet have Changed Traditional Car Buying

We now buy cars completely differently then we did just a few years ago. The old style car buying was a nightmare and took too much time. The consumer would drive into a dealership, a salesman would help them with the basic information and show them every car available on the lot. That made the …

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New Car “Must Do List”–what do you need to know when buying a pre-owned vehicle

What do you look for in a pre-owned vehicle? Investing in a pre-owned car can be a very sensible option, but you must check that the used car you are interested in does not have any hidden damage that may become expensive for you later. To avoid buying a car with unforeseen problems, here are some …

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Will Our Cars Drive Themselves in the Near Future?

Cars will change drastically in the near future–advances in technology are a benefit  to the auto industry. According to the Center for Automotive Research at the Stanford University, “personal vehicles have so much data about us and it’s still not being used. Like our phones in the past, our vehicles have so much untapped information. For …

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Why is Everyone Talking About the 2018 Toyota Camry?

What are the best new cars for 2018? Every year cars seem to evolve, get better and more efficient. Looks, fuel economy, performance, technology and safety improve every year. The Toyota Camry made it on nearly every list of best cars to buy for 2018. US News and World Report says that the Toyota Camry …

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