The New Toyota 4Runner Has A Very Stylish Exterior

Looking for an SUV that performs well, and also has a completely stylish exterior? The new Toyota 4Runner is a top of the line SUV in all categories, and when other people see you driving this popular midsize SUV, they are going to be impressed; not only by the performance but also by the sheer style and adventurous vibe that the 4Runner brings to the road.

Being the off-road monster that it is, you can purchase the 4Runner in versions like the TRD Off-road and the TRD Off-road Premium, which gives you a wheel upgrade to 17-inch seven-spoke alloys and the TRD package which includes cool upgrades like TRD shifting knob and headrests.

All of the exterior features of the Toyota 4Runner are dazzling, like the projector-beam headlights that light up the road so well that you may just want to take it for a test drive in the night time at New Holland Auto Group.

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