We now buy cars completely differently then we did just a few years ago. The old style car buying was a nightmare and took too much time. The consumer would drive into a dealership, a salesman would help them with the basic information and show them every car available on the lot. That made the process slow and painful, they had no knowledge of “what was out there” for a car option to fit their needs until they spoke to the salesperson on the lot. This method was stressful and time consuming, to say the least. Sometimes car buyers would be unhappy with the car they were once so eager to buy because the first time they saw the car was when they came to the dealership.

In the early 1990’s, the Internet began to revolutionize the car purchasing process, for all those who knew how to use the internet. The consumer could now pick which cars they liked online, and someone from the “dealer sales” department would call them with a price. This allowed the consumer to get bids from many different dealerships without driving around to do the research.

More recently, websites like www.newhollandautogroup.com have their inventory on-line, so that consumers can view new and pre-owned vehicles on the site. This website saves endless amounts of time. At a dealership like Newholland Auto Group, you have the luxury of seeing multiple brands, such as: Ford, Jeep, Ram, Dodge, Chrysler, Toyota, and Isuzu all on one website and at one destination. Viewing all of these brands together and learning  how much you can really expect to pay for a new car before you go out to the dealership is helpful, informative and time saving. The New Holland Auto Group is a one stop shop that makes buying a vehicle easy and time efficient.