Whether we are taking a short trip to the neighborhood market, or traveling along the turnpike to a Christmas party, we can be surprised at any moment by the unexpected appearance of a young boy darting after a stray ball, or the sudden shock of an animal in the headlights. Such occurrences, especially during this time of year when wet and wintry weather conditions greet us on a daily basis, can lead to tragic consequences.

We at New Holland Auto Group are committed to assisting our customers in keeping their automobiles in safe operating condition. At this time of year, it is imperative that you determine whether your tires have enough tread to drive legally and safely.

There is a simple method you can employ to quickly ascertain whether it is time to replace your tires, called the penny test. Take a penny and place it in the groove where the tread appears lowest, pointing the head of Abraham Lincoln down into the groove. If any part of the head is covered by tread, you can be assured that you are driving with a minimal amount of tread acceptable for safe and legal driving.

Anything less than that (approximately 2/32 inch), and the tire is unsafe to use and its ability to grip the road would be compromised, imperiling you and others on the roadway around you. So be sure to check your tires. Or bring you car to New Holland Automotive. We’d be glad to see you and check your tires for you. We’ll also check for uneven tread wear or damaged areas which can greatly shorten the tire’s life.

If you have any concerns or questions please contact us at:  www.newhollandautogroup.com